Fire Bitters
  • Fire Bitters

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    • Fire to Ancient Greeks and Romans represented energy, assertiveness and passion.  Meanwhile, in India, fire is represented by the deity, Agni, without whom, the body lacks motivation and digestion.   This is the most traditional formula of bitters out of the four. There are a number of deficiencies that can lead to a lack of energy or fire within the body.


      This bottle of bitters is designed to increase energy and ignite passion while allowing the body to let go of that which no longer serves.  Drawing upon the ancient herbal formula used in India to increase Agni, Coriander and Fennel are used to increase essential B vitamins. B vitamins can also be found in Dandelion, Mint, and Alfalfa while giving the spirit a lift.  While these herbs give the body a much needed boost, they also flush out toxins. Chickweed has been incorporated into the formula to find the balance of holding on and letting go. Allow Fire to jump-start your day.


      In astrology, Fire is associated with the signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  


      Ingredients: Coriander Seed*, Fennel Seed*, Spearmint*, Alfalfa*, Dandelion Root*, Chickweed*, non-GMO cane spirits (all vegan and gluten free)


      Suggested use: Take one to three droppers full a day, orally.


      *certified organic