Air Bitters
  • Air Bitters

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    • Ancient Chinese medicine calls the life force of air, Chi or Qi while the Ancient Indians deemed the same life force, Prana. Ancient Greeks and Romans made the important connection that air is not only associated with the lungs but also the blood. This bottle of bitters draws upon all of these beliefs.


      Nettle and Gingko facilitate with blood flow in this formula. Parsley is packed with chlorophyll making it also essential in blood flow and assisting the brain alongside Gotu Kola. Because blood flow relies on muscle relaxation, Motherwort and Passionflower play powerful roles as nervines. Take deep breaths of air and allow for anxiety to blow away.


      In Astrology, Air is associated with the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


      Ingredients: Nettle*, Ginkgo Biloba*, Parsley*, Motherwort*, Passionflower*, Gotu Kola*, grain-based vodka (all vegan and gluten free)


      Suggested use: Take one to three droppers full a day, orally.


      *certified organic