Samhain Astrological + Herb Report 10/31/20

October 31, 2020 marks a blue moon as it will be the second full moon to occur in the span of a month. This is extremely rare, hence the phrase “once in a blue moon.” This full moon is occurring at 8 degrees Taurus. If you have any personal planets between 3 - 13 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you will feel this energy more intensely than others.

This particular full moon will be even more interesting as it is exactly conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is known as the “awakener” in astrology as it quickly brings our attention to things that will need immediate action. Uranus tends to unveil shocking revelations, sudden events and brings about swift change. Things do not typically go according to plan whenever Uranus is involved, but this planet will show us whatever we need to detach ourselves from and that is a blessing. It doesn’t necessarily mean something negative will occur, however. Uranus can bring brand new love interests suddenly into our lives, an unexpected job offer or other opportunities may pop up out of the blue. You should expect the unexpected with this erratic planetary weather. Full moons are a time of unbridled energy and heightened emotions. Things feel a little unstable during a full moon and the conjunction to Uranus will ramp up feelings of restlessness, anxiety and impulsiveness. Full moons are completely illuminated and therefore will shine a light on the good and the bad of our current situations. We may be forced to confront issues we’ve long tried to bury. This will no doubt be uncomfortable for some but growth is never easy.

Mercury will also be square Saturn on this full moon, causing misunderstandings and negative feelings. Choose your words wisely as they might come back to haunt you later. The planets are currently in a storm as Mars and Mercury are both retrograde and Mars is in the middle of a square with Saturn and Pluto until early 2021. Mars is the God of War and governs our ambitious, assertive nature. Saturn is the planet of limitations, discipline and restrictions. Our need for action is being hampered by outside forces. This is a period where many people are being met

with resistance each time they attempt to take a step forward. Authority figures in particular are limiting our growth or blocking us in various ways. Pluto represents our need for control and quest for power. Our need for action in friction with our need for control is causing even more tense moments in regards to our relationships with lovers, coworkers, authority figures and peers in general. This planetary showdown has likely made you feel emotionally drained on several occasions the past few months. This limiting energy is likely to be exacerbated by whatever crops up during this upcoming, unpredictable full moon. It will be important to take each day as it comes and not try to control our surroundings as things are subject to change. The more resistant we are to change, the harder the transition becomes. We must open ourselves up to whatever happens next and realize that it will pass. We cannot control the situations we are presented with, but we can control our responses and that is power in itself.

Yours truly,

Marissa Jackson


Samhain is a time to honor ancestors and loved ones that have crossed over into the Otherworld. As an herbalist on stolen land with a lack of familial connection, it is difficult to truly connect with my ancestors without feeding into capitalist spirituality. To resist this sect of spirituality, it is fundamental to honor yourself and your lineage but also others and their lineages. It does a dishonor to use herbs that are appropriated and endangered. For this Samhain report, I have included herbs that are cross-cultural and not endangered. If they do not resonate with you, that is perfectly fine! Find herbs that honor you. These are only suggestions. If this is new territory for you, I recommend starting with a tincture that includes at least one of the herbs listed below. The Earth bitters in the Elemental Collection contain Hawthorn and Rosemary but I know of many other herbalists that use these herbs in their remedies.


(Crataegus oxyacantha)-Hawthorn trees have been revered for thousands of years. For those of us that are avoiding appropriation and getting in touch with our Anglo and Pre-Roman ancestry, this is the herb to tap into during Samhain. Medicinally, Hawthorn is used in a variety of supplements that target the heart. The berry and leaf are perfect for lowering blood pressure and regulating circulatory functions. When made into a decoction, Hawthorn can help sore throats due to its astringency. The heart is believed by many cultures to be the seat of consciousness. Western culture has divided consciousness into "thinking with the brain or thinking with the heart." But what if the two were one and you could follow your heart, your intuition, AND your brain? When PTSD strikes or when Eco-anxiety grabs ahold of us, it can often hit us hard in our chest area even causing shallow breathing while disrupting our central nervous system. Hawthorn has been used for this very feeling. The berries, leaves, and flowers can be used as a medicine for grief, loss, and heart ache which is crucial when working with ghosts of your past and present. The berries, when dried, even look like tiny hearts reminding us that nature is here to assist.


(Rosemarinus officinalis)- Being the kitchen witch that I am, Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Rosemary is very much associated with the head and has been used for cognitive purposes to increase memory while also alleviating headaches. The stress of today can impact the body in ways we aren't aware of in the moment causing muscle tension and in turn, headaches. During those moments a tincture, infusion, or essential oil of Rosemary can be used. Those also looking for substitutes to their previous practices of burning White Sage can incorporate burning Rosemary before rituals and in fact, burning Rosemary is an ancient practice to purify the air. During the middle ages especially, Rosemary was used when remembering those that have passed and placed on gravestones and coffins. Some funeral processions consisted of crowns of Rosemary and other adornments for mourning. During Samhain, you can use Rosemary to relax your muscles and aid in remembering those who have passed. You can also use Rosemary in your culinary practice to keep you rooted/grounded during times of upheaval or uncertainty.


(Passiflora incarnata)- In my opinion, if there's one herb to use during trauma work, this is the herb. Because I've talked about Passionflower so many times, I won't go into great detail on its history but know that it indeed has a great history! It has been used for communing with the spiritual plane for centuries and by many. Passionflower is one of the greatest muscle relaxants. In small doses, Passionflower can be used acutely for those of us that are triggered by daily occurrences especially during this political climate. In greater doses, such as infusions or decoctions, Passionflower can help you go to sleep very quickly. During this Samhain full moon, the intensity that can be felt may cause the body to stress. It is so imperative that we keep up the fight for a better world and take the time to relax so that we are able to react with clarity.

Follow your intuition during this full moon and listen to your body. Tune in and tune out and continue to resist with the help of your plant and spiritual guides.


Bailey Jean


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